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RECENT UPDATES:-        Avro Vulcan



Arguably a national treasure,

it as graced our skies for seventy glorious years,

today regarded as a British design icon which is celebrated and recognized around the world,

defender of the nation and a beacon of hope and defiance during our bleakest time in modern history

and yet we have no formal tribute to the designer of the Spitfire. WHY?


R. J. Mitchell CBE - Designer of the Spitfire


Props with Personality

Armstrong - Whitworth Argosy      Avro 504     Avro Shackleton

Bristol Bulldog      Bristol F.2B      Douglas Skyraider      Fairey Gannet      Handley Page Hastings

Hawker Hart      Hawker Hind      Hawker Nimrod      Hawker Tomtit

RAF BE.2      RAF SE.5      Sopwith Camel      Sopwith Pup      Sopwith Triplane      Sopwith Tabloid

Shorts Belfast C.1      Supermarine "S" series      Douglas Skyraider      Vickers Vimy      Westland Wyvern

Planes with Dignity

Avro Anson       Avro Lancaster       Avro Lincoln       Avro York


Boeing B-17       Boulton Paul Defiant       Bristol Beaufighter       Bristol Beaufort       Bristol Blenheim

Consolidated Catalina       Consolidated Liberator       Chance/Vought Corsair       Curtiss Tomahawk/Kittyhawk

de Havilland Mosquito       Douglas C.47 Skytrain / Dakota

Fairey Battle       Fairey Firefly       Fairey Swordfish      Fieseler Storch      Focke-Wulf Fw 190

Gloster Gladiator      Grumman Cats

Handley Page Halifax

Heinkel He 111       Hawker Hurricane       Hawker Tempest       Hawker Typhoon

Junkers Ju 52       Junkers Ju 87      Junkers Ju 88

Kawasaki Ki.100       Lavochkin       Lockheed Hudson

Messerschmitt Me 109       Messerschmitt Me 110       Messerschmitt Me 410       Mitsubishi Ki.46 "Dinah"

North American Harvard       North American Mitchell       North American Mustang

Republic Thunderbolt       Short Sunderland       Supermarine Spitfire       Supermarine Seafire       Supermarine Seagull V / Walrus

Vickers Wellington       Westland Lysander

 Jets with Character

Gloster E.28/39

Avro 707       Avro Vulcan       BAC TSR.2      Blackburn Buccaneer

de Havilland Comet      de Havilland Vampire      de Havilland Sea Vampire      de Havilland Venom      de Havilland Sea Venom      de Havilland Sea Vixen

English Electric Canberra       English Electric Lightning      Fairy Delta FD2

Handley Page Victor      Hawker Hunter      Hawker Siddeley Kestrel & Harrier      Hawker Siddeley Sea Harrier      Hawker Siddeley Nimrod      Hawker Sea Hawk

Gloster Javelin      Gloster Meteor      Messerschmitt Me 262      McDonnell-Douglas Phantom II

Shorts SB.5      Supermarine Attacker      Supermarine Scimitar      Supermarine Swift      Vickers VC10      Vickers Valiant

 Majestic Gliders

Horsa Glider

Horsa & Waco/Hadrian Gliders (Assault Glider Trust @ RAF Shawbury)

RAF East Fortune

RAF Elvington

RAF Digby

Close to P474  -  The "City of Lincoln"

RAF Scampton - 60th Anniversary [16th May 1943] of the Dambusters

Pilots  [Duxford Flying Legends Air Show 2003]


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