Avro 504K (H5199)  [@ Shuttleworth Collection]

The Avro 504, which first flew at Brooklands in July 1913, was a straightforward development of the Type E, which was already on order for the Royal Flying Corps. In a production life spanning well over a decade more than 10,000 Avro 504s were built, serving as bomber, reconnaissance, fighter and training aircraft during World War I. It is as a trainer that the Avro 504 is best remembered; thousands of British and Commonwealth pilots learned to fly in it, and after the war surplus 504s were snapped up for “commercial use”, being used for joy-riding, ‘barnstorming’ and for training civilian pilots.

Avro 504K [H2311]  [@ Manchester Museum of Science & Technology]

The Avro 504N, was the peacetime production aircraft, being converted from the standard Avro 504K RAF trainer and having a different engine and undercarriage. Series production totalled 598 examples, the last being completed in 1932. The Avro 504 was then progressively replaced by the Avro Tutor.